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1985 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur

Year: 1985
Engine Size: 6.75 Liter
Make: Rolls-Royce
Transmission: Automatic
Model: Silver Spur
STOCK: 12074
Exterior: Black Mason
Mileage: 99,150
Interior: Grey, Black Piping


The moment you slip into the contoured driver seat of a Silver Spur you are perfectly at home, completely in control. At the tough of a small, eight position joy- stick, your seat moves electrically up and down and through several degrees of tilt, as well as backwards and forwards. A refined rack mechanism has also been fitted, allowing your seat to be adjusted to exactly the right position you require. Another joystick control, adjusts twin side view door mirrors with equal precision.

Its distinctive flying lady on top of its polished stainless grill with straight vane louvers suggests the distinguished pedigree of the Silver Spur. Handsome polished stainless steel wheel covers with painted trim rings and pin stripping to match interior and exterior colors. Monogram wheel cover center caps, four rectangle encapsulated style full seal beam headlamps and lower bumper fog lamps.

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In many areas, however, there is no substitute for natural materials and traditional skills of the craftsman, for the sharpness of his or her eyes, and the sureness of his or her hand. That is why the exquisite burr walnut veneers for the facia are chosen by a cultivated eye and cut by hand. Up to eight invisibly jointed slivers of veneer, polished to an amber luster that look like glass and is almost as hard, may go into a single panel. The right side will mirror the left side and no other car will have the identical pattern. As well as being beautiful, the burr walnut veneered facia is intensely functional. Controls are conveniently at hand. Essential information is supplied through clear dials and a cluster of ten warning lamps, color-coded according to priority. The speedometer is electronic for silence and accuracy. A quarts crystal clock indicates the time of day. Outside temperature and elapsed time since the start of your journey are also displayed on a digital panel. With a tough of a button, an indicator can check the engine sump oil level, which is integral with the fuel gauge.

The highest quality of Connolly leather is another traditional feature of Rolls-Royce motorcars. In each Silver Spur there are eight carefully matched hides, cut, shaped, smoothed and sewn to perfection. The interior carpeting is the traditional Wilton’s deep pile woven finest wool, trimmed with Connolly leather, all brought together in a perfect harmony. The interior is trimmed in fine dark burgundy leather hides.

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The increased window area, even in wet weather when the large size wiper blades sweep a rectangular area in front of you, not the usual meager haft moon, offers excellent all-around visibility. A channel below the window screen drains water away quickly, rain deflectors at each side of the windscreen help keep windows and door mirrors clear.

When you accelerate, response from the Fuel-injected 6.75 litre, V-8 alloy engine, delivers smooth and effortless performance with its hydraulically controlled automatic transmission, is swift and positive. The electric gear range selector is quiet and precise. The Power-assisted rack and pinion steering is positive as well as light, by removing the effort but retains the road feel. The disc brakes, 11 inches in diameter on all four wheels are operated by duplicated powered hydraulic feedback systems with anti-lock is reassuringly effective which stop you surely and safely. The parking brake is a foot operated with a hand release under the dash-broad. A transmission lock is automatically introduced as soon as the ignition key is withdrawn from the ignition switch.

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The ride is quiet, smooth, free from vibration and the car’s behavior always predictable, always forgiving. A fully front and rear independent suspension provides superb responsive handling characteristics and gives superb stability at all speeds. Vulnerable areas of the underside are protected against corrosion by zinc-coated steel. Joints sealed and smoothed. Some 70 lbs of anti-drumming compound is applied to the underside.

You will be neither too hot nor too cold. Dependent on the position of the temperature control thump wheels. The Silver Spur has a two-level fully automatic air-conditioning system, which is unique to Rolls-Royce that constantly provided and maintains a controlled environment within the motorcar. Front and rear windshields are provided with automatic de-misting and de-icing replica Daytona